A Brave New World

The hosts of AEMPodcast are branching out on their own

by Joey Smith

Mar 26 , 2018

Welcome! Back in 2013, Joey was new to Axis41 (our old parent company), and he saw that there was a dearth of good community resources. We approached our boss with the idea of starting a podcast to cover lessons learned, war stories, and community news - and so was born AEM Podcast. Change being the only constant in life, we have both have both moved on from that agency which originally spawned AEM Podcast, but still enjoy engaging with the AEM community. The idea is simple: create useful content about AEM development for the AEM developer community.

The same style and format you have been used to in the past with AEM Podcast will continue. But our new headquarters will be here at AEMHQ.com. We have a pretty good grasp of a lot of AEM related things, but haven’t cornered the market on all AEM knowledge. If you work with AEM, we want you to join us in this new venture. This site will feature content from organizations or individuals that want to tout their own stuff. The only criteria is that offered content be helpful to the AEM developer community and not just shameless plugging. 🙂

Because of our commitment to AEM, we are at Adobe Summit 2018 this week, and would love to connect with anyone that is here. Tweet us at our new twitter handle @aem_hq and we’ll see if schedules can align. I personally will be working a lot at the Hoodoo Digital booth, where I now work full time. Joey will just be floating around attending sessions as he isn’t tied to any booth, given that he is now on the customer side.

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