A Real AEM Rockstar - Brett Birschbach and His AEM Remote Assets Tool

Have Your Disk and Your Assets Too

by Joey Smith

Jul 17 , 2018

One of the real highlights during Adobe Summit 2018 was the AEM Rockstar session. If you don’t know this is a chance for AEM Developer nerds to shine. You can submit some “tip or trick” about how to enhance the AEM experience. And there were some great submissions. The winner this year was Brett Birschbach from HS2 Solutions. Brett is a good friend and as such he was gracious enough to take the time to chat with me after winning about how his AEM Remote Assets works.

If you want to read about it in more detail then you can check out his post on HS2’s website where he talks about the process of entering the AEM Rockstar and what you should do if you want to win next time. Also, he has some links at the bottom to watch a demo and to see his slide deck. Well worth the 10min it will take you. And did I mention that this is a massive time saver when working with multiple AEM environments? This should be available to everyone in ACS AEM Commons, once it goes through the pull request process. Take a listen.

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